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WeWork is a coworking community with locations all over the U.S., London, Amsterdam and Israel.

Freelancers, solopreneurs and small teams work out of this shared office space instead of fighting for tables at Starbucks or working in isolation in a small, private office space.

I was thinking the other day about how they could use Facebook ads to find more potential customers.

How to Target People that Work From Home

One of the powerful targeting characteristics on Facebook is targeting people by office type. You can target people who work in:

  • a home office
  • small business
  • or a small office

home office targeting

This is gold for WeWork.

A big part of their user base is people who would normally work from home, like me.

Working from home has a lot of perks.

I can work in sweatpants all day if I choose.
I can make a delicious and healthy lunch at home instead of going out to eat.
I save a ton of time by not having a commute.

But it can get lonely without having others working around you. And 15 second chats with your barista at the coffee shop don’t fulfill your need for connection with other humans.

Plus it’s nice to be around others who are like you.

So WeWork could laser in on work from homers like myself.

Hyper-Geographic Targeting for Maximum ROI

Since they’re selling access to a physical location, geographic targeting is also essential for them.

If they wanted to promote their upcoming Downtown LA location, they could target people who work from home in all of LA – of which there are 500,000+.

That’s a good start.

But LA is a big, widespread place. And most people aren’t going to drive 45+ mins across town to a coworking space. So they could narrow in their targeting even more, by zip code.

The zip code for their new location is 90017. There are 10,000 work from homers in that zip code alone.

All close by.

All great potential customers for WeWork.

With Facebook’s new location targeting functionality, you can even input your address into the Location field, and then choose a certain radius around that address.

Before you could only say, target people within 10 miles of a city. Now you can get VERY targeted if you have a physical location by making your address the focal point.

Ok, so they’ve lasered in on me. What’s next?

Get me to click on the ad!

Now that we Can Target Them, It’s Time to Get Their Attention

Here are a few copy ideas:

“You’ll barely miss your sweatpants”

“Getting cabin fever?”

“Interact with a human!”

“Get Shit Done at WeWork”

“Working at coffee shops? No more fighting for outlets. No more crappy wifi.”

Since we can really target in on this specific group of people, “work from homers”, our copy should be different than if we are targeting small teams and should hit hard on their unique pains and needs.

How to Target People Working at a Coffee Shop


Ok so that’s a good way to target people who work from home.

But there’s another great way they can narrow in on potential customers. And a few months ago this wasn’t even possible.

Remember how I said they could target people very close by to their location, well with this new address targeting they can also target people near other locations.

How could that be used?

Well, say they type in the addresses for a bunch of coffee shops and target people working there.

You see, working from home I find myself in the afternoons getting lazy and unproductive, so I grab my laptop and head to a nearby coffee shop.

I used to walk by coffee shops on my lunch break and would think, “Who are all of you people hanging out at a coffee shop at 3pm??” But now, oddly, I’m one of them.

Contrary to what you might think, not everyone on a laptop at Starbucks at 3pm is unemployed. Many are entrepreneurs, writers or people working remotely.

Which had me thinking, what if you could advertise to people while they’re working at a coffee shop.

Well, now you can.

The address for the coffee shop I’m at right now is: 212 Pier Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90405

212 pier

I could enter this into the location targeting option and target people within 1 mile. That’s the closest range you can narrow down to. So you’ll definitely reach some people who aren’t working at a coffee shop but not a huge amount.

But that’s an insanely small target.

Taking it a Step Further

So then what I would do is find the addresses for the most popular coffee shops in the city, plug all of them in the location field and run ads talking specifically to this group.

How Can You Apply This?

That’s how a little creativity can allow you to hyper target your prospective customers.  Think about how can you apply this to your industry and you’ll be miles ahead of your competitors.

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