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Healthy cereal that tastes too good to be true.
Healthy cereal that tastes too good to be true.
“As we aggressively scaled our ads, we found that ad creative was starting to become a bottleneck. Our brand identity is just as important as performance, and we’re always skeptical that a creative partner can deliver on both simultaneously. Thankfully, we’ve found that Biddyco can create ads that are as beautiful as they are effective.”
Gabi Lewis

Co-founder, Magic Spoon

A few of the 500+ ads made…

Magic Spoon came to us with a lot of things going their way, but one big problem.

They were scaling their ad spend on Facebook quite substantially, but kept hitting plateaus and ceilings due to creative constraints.

They didn’t have the right ad creative to take them to the next level. And they didn’t have enough of it to fuel their campaigns.

So they approached us to design performance-focused ad creatives each month that their internal team could roll into the account.

This has been our process to scale Magic Spoon’s ad creative and ad spend:

1.) On a monthly call, we’ve synced up to run through the prior month’s performance and learnings.

2.) Based on the data from their account and other Biddyco clients, establish what types of new creative and iterations need to go into the account next.

3.) Our Art Directors will write briefs for each of the concepts.

4.) Designers get to work in After Effects.

5.) Account team passes the ads to Magic Spoon to give one round of feedback.

6.) We make the edits.

7.) Ads go live!

8.) Do it again the next month.

It’s been a very successful, long-term partnership that has helped Magic Spoon scale to new heights.

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