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We make hundreds and hundreds of ads, and for the most part, they only live within Ads Manager and our hard drives. We’re coming at you with a few of our favorites from the last few weeks. Take a look below to get some insights for your own campaigns!

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Reminder notifications, airdrop notifications, text message notifications – really anything that typically bothers you when it dings on your phone – can be an interesting way to deliver copy visually within an ad. It’s very important, though, to differentiate between iPhone UX and FB/IG UX. You can recreate iPhone graphics to a tee without any repercussions, but watch out when it comes to mimicking the Facebook and Instagram interface (you’ll get a slap on the hand by policy)!

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This ad is for a hemp product, so you always have to be careful what you do or don’t say. It starts with a to-do list style screen that shows how the brand can fit into your healthy new lifestyle for the new year. The Venn diagram then shows how the brand sits nicely in between the benefits of “stress relief” and “deeper sleep.” And who doesn’t want more of both??

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For this ad, we will be sticking to the rule of 3- we believe that there’s really only room for 3 important pieces of information in any given ad. There are so many buckets you can pull from when trying to piece together your 3: Press, reviews, UGC, stats, benefits, features, USP, awards, product details, etc. We decided to open it up with a sweeping statement that would brew up some intrigue. And then, picked 3 (press quotes, quick bullet benefits, hype stats) to deliver a compelling overview of a single product.

It is crucial to boil down the product benefits to the bare bones when you are creating a product overview asset. 3 frames of information is still A LOT of information, and if you start to overload your assets, you’re going to lose your potential buyers.

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This is a great example of how to spice up some more basic “on-white” video footage. We accomplished that by wrapping the models in a frame and having testimonials shown with a fun peel-and-stick animation.

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This ad we produced for Golde is a perfect example of a UGC ad. We chose to highlight an award they had won + the press mention that accompanied it. Not only is this a visually interesting way to present press beyond just the quote, but it’s a great example of how to repurpose UGC beyond just presenting it as is. You can run a UGC video straight from a customer or influencer, but we’ve found that combining UGC with press or reviews or other ways to convey social proof can be more effective.

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For this one, we wanted to highlight a brand-new product that was launching and highlight all 3 variants. The unique text styling and animation is designed to grab attention in the first second. We then wanted to show how easy it is to use the product while maintaining the feel of the design. So a real water glass video wouldn’t fit. We solved this by using an illustrated glass, which keeps the focus on the product itself.

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This is an ad we produced for Holden last year right before New Years Eve. A disco ball not only instantly reads as New Year’s but the subtle disco light flare gives it that extra oomph. Not only does it play into seasonality, but it speaks directly to the audience we were targeting (newly engaged.) Seasonality is important to tie your product to, no matter how thin the thread. Consumers are living their lives by the calendar, by the seasons, by universal events- that no matter how trivial may seem- can impact how/what/and why they buy. 

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An effective ad style that we’ve stumbled upon is showing a potential customer your unboxing experience.. It helps them see exactly what’s going to show up at their door when they click Buy Now, and it gives them that much more confidence in completing the purchase. This is a great example of how you can take a simple GIF and slightly enhance it. These little tweaks were designed to bring the holiday flair and increase attention span.

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Magic Spoon

This ad is a perfect example of a mirroring technique. People LOVE to get a preview of what’s to come when they click into an ad and head to your site. If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time and money on the UI of your site, show it off in an ad. Typically we see ads that mirror beautiful site experiences perform well!

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Definitely watch this one with sound! Not everyone will watch your ads with sound on, but for those who do, it’s a great element of surprise & delight to help your brand stand out.

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Splendid Spoon

There are a ton of ways to slice and dice press, and this design we made for Splendid Spoon is one of our favorite ways. Great press hits (even just one good headline!) can be used to answer a common question that can greatly help overcome a customer’s buying objections! The press speaks for itself and not only helps answer the questions that YES, indeed, it is tasty- but, because it’s press, consumers tend to see them as an authority source without question.

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This is a great example showcasing a collab with another brand. A series of stills shows off the different SKUs, and how the products from the two brands can work together. Make sure to watch to the end – I love the faux-carousel that shows off all of the different colors.

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We thought this was a fun way to show off some of the cool stuff our creative department is doing without giving away the full strategy secrets. So while I’ve drastically simplified the intention and strategy behind each asset above, I hope these were still entertaining (and maybe even a bit inspiring?) to play through.

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