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Best Credit Cards for Ad Spend

“Which credit card should I put our ad spend on?” is a common question we get from our clients.

Because digital ad spend is one of the largest expenses for most brands, by not optimizing where you charge it, you could be missing out on tons of points, dollars in cashback or other perks. We’ve worked with 50+ clients and managed tens of millions of dollars on their behalf. From speaking with them and others, we’ve found a few cards that will really help maximize your rewards.

This free guide will help you decide which card is best for your business.

When evaluating cards, there are a few main categories:

  • cards that maximize points for travel (flights/hotels)
  • cards that maximize cash back
  • cards with other perks

Because different businesses have different priorities, we’ve selected a cashback focused card, 2 points focused cards and a cashflow focused card.

Alright, let’s get into it…


What’s good about it? 60-day net terms with no interest.

If maximizing your cash flow is a top-priority (which is almost all eCommerce brands), we like Brex. It’s the only card we know of that offers a 60-day no interest payback period. Any other card only provides 30 days. So with Brex you get an entire extra month before having to pay for expenses you put on your Brex card.

They also offer discounts and perks at common eCommerce services like:

  • 15% off Klaviyo
  • $1,500 in Snapchat Ads credit
  • $1,000 towards Gorgias (customer service software)

You can sign up for Brex here and also get $1,000 in statement credits.



What’s good about it? 4x points back!

If you’re spending less than $100,000/month and points are most important to you vs. cashback, look at the AMEX Gold. We like this one because it offers 4x points on your first $150,000 in ad spend (1x after that). That means your first $150,000 in ad spend each year earns you 600,000 points. You’d only get 225,000 points on the AMEX platinum (below.)


AMEX Platinum

What’s good about it? 1.5x points on purchases of $5,000+

If you’re spending over $100,000/mo. and your goal is to maximize points, we’d recommend the AMEX Platinum. The trick is to set your billing threshold within Facebook, Google etc. to $5,000, so that you get billed every $5,000 in ad spend.

The reason is because for this card, charges of $5,000+ receive a 1.5x point bonus instead of the standard 1x. You can earn up to an additional 1M points with this trick.

The normal default in Facebook and Google is to charge each time you spend ~$750, so you wouldn’t be capitalizing on the bonus if you don’t change your thresholds.

Why go with Platinum and the higher annual fee vs. Gold? Because if you spend around $2M+/year in ad spend, you’ll generate about 500,000 extra points a year with the Platinum vs. Gold.

Now that you have the right credit card to put your ad spend on, let’s optimize the performance of your ads. 


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