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Art Director

The Biddyco Creative Department has one goal, to help our clients stand out in a very crowded sea, and it will be your job to help make that happen! As an Art Director at Biddyco, you will be responsible for helping to bring our clients’ products to life. Guiding part of our creative team with support from our Creative Director, you will help them to create, refine and optimize a library of images, GIFS, and Videos for advertising on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

The main responsibilities of this position are to serve as the backboard and GPS for designers working with our full agency clients. You will be responsible for brainstorming the strategy and approach for a variety of (fun, up & coming) e-commerce clients, for PPC creative. You’ll be steering creative ideas in the right direction, providing feedback, and fostering creativity within our department.

It’s a hyper-creative environment and we’re looking for someone who identifies as having an endless pit of ideas to pull from. But also someone who knows how to prioritize good ideas from bad ones, and is committed to letting their designers have a voice within the process. Our creative department operates as a team, without egos, and as an art director at Biddyco we want you to believe that the more successful your team is, then the more successful you are.

Leading clients within our full agency lane requires you to have a deep curiosity when it comes to analytics and be excited by the idea of deciphering what’s working in an ad and why. Performance-driven creative is our specialty, so you have to be interested in finding a way to stay on brand while also creating assets that convert.

If you love variety, love social media and want to grow as a leader and mentor within a creative department, Biddyco might be a good fit. If you like working weekends, working late nights and thrive off chaos, we aren’t the agency for you. We take our jobs seriously, but value work/life balance even more.


What we expect from you:

  • Be able to work with multiple clients. If your dream is to work with a single client for an entire year, you’re gonna hate it here.
  • Be able to take direction and incorporate feedback from our Creative Director.
  • A need to continuously learn, a desire to constantly be looking for a new angle/approach, and the want to understand what makes people click on an ad.
  • To be focused on creating designs that will convert the best, not just look the best (but we always find a way to do both)
  • The belief that ‘creative blocks’ are B.S. Even when we aren’t inspired it’s our job to come back to the table and find a way.
  • To not take design so seriously that you struggle to find the fun in it. Our clients are fun, the content we get to create is fun, so you’ve got to be lighthearted about your work.
  • To not get ruffled by revisions and understand how to effectively deliver feedback that’s motivating, yet constructive.
  • To be able to go with the flow. There’s a lot we can’t control when it comes to social, we need someone who can accept that and focus on mastering what we can control.
  • Someone who is interested in marketing, direct selling and how that can shape our ads.
  • To be immersed within the world of e-com. You know the brands, the competitors and who is producing beautiful work.
  • To be kind. We don’t respect aggressive leadership styles here.

Tools to be familiar with:

  1. Adobe Suite (specifically After Effects)
  2. iPhone and Mac
  3. Basic advertising/marketing concepts

You Must:

  1. Have 2+ years of art director experience working with brands, digital/social (also potentially open to someone coming at this role from a copywriting background – because this is a more conceptual position) e-com experience is a plus!
  2. Be willing to manage, mentor & oversee designers. Your direct reports will be minimal to begin with, but as you grow, so will the team you manage.
  3. Understand major social platforms and be familiar with digital ad platforms.
  4. Have a genuine desire to learn and evolve. Our industry changes every day and so must our approach. You must constantly be seeking out people and brands that are creating cool work.
  5. Be well versed in pop culture and design trends.
  6. Be on Facebook & Instagram & TikTok. We envy that off-the-grid lifestyle, but there’s no way to stay competitive in this field without being where the action is.
  7. Be willing to work remotely.
  8. Know how to work independently and structure your time effectively, but also enjoy working with a team to get things done.
  9. Meet deadlines without excuses and value open communication within a team setting.
  10. Have a positive attitude & embrace a growth mindset. As a leader in our department it’s important for you to set the tone and example for your team.


This is a salaried position with pay depending on experience.


  1. Health & Dental & Vision
  2. One Medical Membership option
  3. Paid holidays off
  4. 401k & company contribution
  5. 10 vacation days per year
  6. 5 sick/personal days per year
  7. Birthday off
  8. Extended flex schedule around holidays & a winter break at the end of December.
  9. Mac laptop, laptop stand, keyboard, mouse, and monitor etc.
  10. Paid Maternity & Paternity leave

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