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Matching swimsuits
for father and son


Acquiring customers for

a premium swimsuit line


Tom + Teddy is a premium swimsuit line that creates matching trunks for father and son. They had tried paid traffic in the past both internally and with other agencies without much success.

The product posed a challenge in that it is quite expensive compared to other brands so we had to make sure our targeting was spot on and that our creative communicated the quality and value of the trunks. It is also a very seasonal product, so we had to act fast to take advantage of summer. This involved rapidly testing audiences and creative and quickly scaling up what was working.

Through Facebook ads and AdWords (search + display), we were able to drive profitable sales during their high season.

Platforms Used

Biddyco helped us create transparency in our digital advertising and identify what was working and what was not. We were happy to hand over our social advertising and AdWords campaigns to them. They outperformed our internal efforts and past agencies we’ve used.

Michelle L'Huillier

Founder, Tom & Teddy

The Results

Hundreds of New Customers
With the primary selling point of the swimsuits being that they have matching pairs for Father and son, Father’s Day is a huge holiday for the brand. Through our research on their past customers, we identified wealthy, stylish moms as their best prospects and customers. We setup several targeting segments to laser in on this audience which performed extremely well.

We were able to test different value propositions such as that the UV protection would keep their loved one’s safer VS. the “cuteness” factor of father and son matching at the beach.

Helped Spread Father’s Day Video for $.10 per view
As part of their Father’s Day campaign, Tom + Teddy produced a heart-wrenching video about the connection between Father and son. In past years, they would simply post this video to their social channels and rely on organic traffic. By putting dollars behind the video on Facebook and targeting it to audiences that had performed well in the past, we were able to get thousands of views for only 10 cents per view.