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Retargeting allows you to stay in front of hot prospects who’ve recently visited your website but not taken a key action like buying or joining your email list.

But there are actually many different kinds of retargeting.

Web retargeting: This is where banners are displayed on blogs, news sites and more.  Here’s an example from Dropbox:

dropbox banner

Twitter retargeting: This is a new option where you can show promoted tweets or accounts to visitors of your site.


YouTube retargeting: With YouTube, you can now display pre-roll video ads or right column ads on YouTube to past visitors of your site.

Facebook retargeting: You can serve ads on Facebook to visitors of your site both in the newsfeed and on the right hand side.


Where to start?

So with all of these options, it’s not easy to decide where to start.

Should you do all of them? If your budget is small, you don’t want to spread it too thin.

I manage the social advertising for several clients, and right now I am seeing one form of retargeting performing much better than the rest.

If you had to only choose one type of retargeting – I would recommend this one:

Facebook newsfeed retargeting

Why? I am seeing much higher click through rates and much lower cost per clicks than the other forms of retargeting.

Here are the Facebook newsfeed stats for the last week of a campaign I’m’ currently running:


And here are the web retargeting stats for the same time period for the same product:



As you can see the CTR is about 10x better on Facebook and the CPC is 34 cents vs $2.88.

Nowhere else on the internet right now can you display an ad in such prime placement so cost effectively.

Get started with Facebook newsfeed retargeting by downloading my Facebook ad swipe file for inspiration when creating your ads.


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