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We’re back with another Adcheck. It’s an ongoing series where we present the good and the bad of a Twitter ad and then analyze how to make it better. You can see some of our past Adchecks here, but let’s get to Squarespace.

Company: Squarespace

Homepage Tagline: “Set your website apart.”

Their specialty? Website builder, blogging platform and hosting service.

What kind of ad ? Instagram Ad


The Good

This is an excellent Instagram ad overall. It’s aspirational, motivational and goes beyond the core message of “make a new website.” Take notice the complete lack of mentioning of features. They aren’t communicating the basic need that Squarespace fills. They’re trying to strike a much deeper chord in their potential customer.

Not only that, but the image is a perfect match for Instagram. It’s authentic and shows more than the actual service itself.

The Could Be Better

Core Message: The “You Should” text overlay on the image is a little vague and doesn’t have a strong enough connection to the copy to make sense. There’s room for a more repetitive cadence of “You Should” and with a couple more sprinkled in the body copy, the image would tie in much quicker.

Relevancy: The ad could be made more relevant to the audience they are serving it to. I am a guy, and this ad would resonate better if it’s served to females exclusively.

Clear CTA: The ad could benefit from a more clear CTA. Simple word additions, although may seem minute can make a huge difference to someone casually scrolling through. By adding “today” or “now” on the end of the last sentence would create a more direct CTA to a potential customer.

Differentiator: Finally, I’m not sure if ‘beautiful’ is their best differentiator, even though I know that’s what they lead with within the majority of their marketing. However, the appeal of Squarespace is that it’s easy, especially for non-developers looking to build a website. Maybe it’s ‘Effortlessly create a website for your business’ or ‘Launch a website for your business in minutes.’ Although Squarespace does help people create beautiful websites, it’s not their USP.

This adcheck was an example of how you can transform an already good ad into a great ad.