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How to Use Social Proof to Make More Sales





The biggest brands in the world understand and harness social proof. When you drive by a McDonald’s the sign says ‘Billions and billions served.’ When you go to search for something on Amazon you see that it has 2,356 5-star reviews. But most eCommerce brands aren’t fully leveraging social proof.

The more you can instill social proof across your touchpoints, they higher the conversion rates you’ll have, the higher your ROAS and the more revenue you’ll generate.

Let’s look at the different ways to infuse social proof into your brand and marketing channels.


On site: This one seems basic but we see SO many brands neglect it. Put the number of reviews prominently on each product page. And then the actual written out reviews lower on the page. You can also consolidate all of your reviews on to a single page.

This is especially good if you have a ton of SKUs and your reviews are being spread out amongst them. We have a ring brand with hundreds of possible SKUs but at the end of the day they’re all a very similar product. So in that situation a consolidated review page is perfect.

Ads: You can then take reviews from your site and put them in your ads.

  • Copy/paste the review and boom there’s your ad body copy
  • Instead of a full review, you can show the number of 5-star reviews in your copy, i.e. “Read our 2,485 5-Star Reviews”
  • Show the number of reviews in your visual creative with a GIF counting up the number of reviews
  • Video reviews from customers


Press on site: by featuring press logos prominently on your site, it adds extra credibility. Identify the publications your audience values the most and focus on getting features there.

Press in ads: You can then include press logos, screenshots and quotes in your ads. We’ve seen these be extremely effective.

Ad comments as social proof

Just like how we’ve seen lots of reviews improve the conversion rate of a product page, we’ve seen lots of comments on an ad improve performance. When you’re scrolling through your feed and see an ad with tens of thousands of likes and hundreds or thousands of comments, it really grabs your attention. You can do this by using a page post ID so that if you use an ad in different audiences, all of the social proof is consolidated to one ad, instead of it creating 5+ different ads with diluted social proof.

Influencer ad content

If you’ve done previous influencer campaigns, and have ad rights, you should absolutely be using those in ads! If you’re thinking about doing a new influencer campaign, we’ve seen that for ad purposes, they don’t need to be a big name or have a ton of followers. Getting someone who’s well lit with good sound who can speak about your product is all you need for a winning ad.

UGC ads

Similar to the influencer ads but these come from your actual customers. Having a system that consistently generates video testimonials is a game-changer. You have this right? 🙂

So there you have the best ways to infuse social proof into your eCommerce brand. Need help executing on this? We’re an agency that helps brands optimize and scale their paid traffic. Feel free to say hi here.



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