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(and are proud of it)

An agency can be a good business. We don’t have large capital requirements. We have recurring revenue. We get to solve interesting problems and help people discover products we think they’ll enjoy.

But an agency is not a quickly scalable business.

To take on more clients, we must hire more people. Highly specialized, talented people.

Our clients, eCommerce brands, have much more scalable businesses than we do. Many of our clients double or triple revenue within mere months of starting with us. If our agency doubled or tripled revenue in a few months, it would be total chaos and a very bad thing.

So I find it curious why so many of our counterparts are so focused on bragging about how quickly they’re growing.

You see it in on their homepages, social accounts, press mentions:
“Fastest growing agency”
“Featured on Inc. 500!”
“200% YoY growth!”

A quickly growing agency is an agency whose quality is quickly going down. The faster an agency grows, the quicker they lose their special sauce.

That’s why we’re focused and committed to being a slow growing agency.

A slow growing agency is still growing, but sustainably and carefully. A slow growing agency is more focused on their clients growth, instead of on their own.

That also means that we can’t work with everyone, but we’re ok with that. We prefer to go deep and get impactful results for a select client roster vs. signing hundreds of accounts, spreading ourselves thin and getting mediocre results.

So the next time you hear about or speak with a fast growing agency, ask “is that really a good thing?”