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Silvercar is a new car rental service where you can rent any kind of car you want – as long as it’s a silver Audi A4.

They combine their luxury vehicles with a more seamless pick up and drop off experience to really stand apart from Hertz, Avis and literally every other standard rental car service

I saw this ad on Facebook and seeing that I’m a huge fan of their service, I wanted to think more on how they could improve this already strong ad.

The proposed benefit is driving a fully loaded A4.  But if I want to rent a luxury car instead of the base sedan, why can’t I just do that at any other rental car company?

I think they need to make the benefit more clear in the ad. 

For example:

“Rent a fully loaded A4 for $20 less per day than the other guys charge.”

“Rent an A4 for the same price as the other guy’s standard sedans.”

“Skip the nightmare rental car line.  Rent a fully loaded A4.”

“Rent a luxury car and get luxury service.  You’ll get an A4 and zero headaches.”

The way I see it is I can get a nice car at any other rental place, so what’s going to push me to rent from Silvercar instead? 

Silvercar is going to save me from the customer service nightmare that is virtually every other car rental company.

Their unique selling proposition isn’t the Audis. It’s that everything is based around their mobile app.  It allows you to reserve your car, unlock it, get your receipt and more.

So let’s try some more headlines using their USP…

No more car rental counter upsells.  Use Silvercar for a no-hassle experience.”

Never show up to your destination and hear ‘The car you requested isn’t available.”

This is a common thing that happens.  People reserve one type of car but get bait and switched and end up with something different.

typical car rental

Here are some more…

“Pick up your rental car faster than ever. And cruise off in style in your A4- every time.”

“Imagine a car rental service with no lines and no paperwork. Say Hello to Silvercar.”

Main Takeaway

What’s your USP? Communicate that through your copy.

The more clearly you can communicate your USP to potential customers the more likely they are to listen to you over the competition.

So next time you’re on a trip, skip the typical car rental purgatory and check out Silvercar. I can’t recommend it enough!