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Senior Account Manager


Biddyco is a performance marketing agency that launches and optimizes profitable ad campaigns for eCommerce companies.

At Biddyco you’ll make a big impact. You aren’t one of 300 faceless individuals. You are one of a small handful of ninjas and have a chance to rise quickly in a fast-growing agency.

Flexibility: Like taking yoga classes or running errands at 2pm? Go for it as long as you don’t have any calls or meetings. With COVID-19, we’re now a 98% remote company. We will do in-person meetups or happy hours when it becomes safe, so living in LA is preferred.

Results: Your decisions and insight will be felt and measured by our clients’ performance. You’ll be able to directly see the benefits your campaigns generate – which we have to say is pretty cool.

To make a long story short- we’re an awesome opportunity for someone looking to make a big impact and to be a part of something young, vibrant and special.

Things here are happening fast, and we can promise the last thing you’ll ever be is bored. This is one of those right time, right person, right place jobs — if that excites you we’re excited to see what you bring to the table.

As a Senior Account Manager, you’ll be in charge of managing the relationship with a group of clients and leading our team of AMs. This is a great opportunity for a people person who also loves marketing, data and leading others.

What we expect from you:

  • Be the point of contact for a handful of high-value clients
  • Send clients weekly reports
  • Run weekly client calls
  • Strategize with our team and analysts to come up with new ideas to test and ensure we always have a plan in place to keep improving performance
  • Communicate with clients on a regular basis to give updates, answer their questions, and keep them in the loop about their campaigns
  • Strong project management skills. You’ll need to keep our design team up to speed with timelines and making sure we deliver new work on time
  • Spearhead improving our systems, processes and always finding ways to make things more streamlined
  • Oversee 3-4 Account Managers and help them with client situations, assist with email responses and coach them to improve in their role

Tools to be familiar with:

  • Facebook ads
  • Google Docs
  • Slack
  • Asana

You Must:

  • Have several years of client management experience
  • Understand major social platforms and be familiar with digital ad platforms.
  • Have a genuine desire to learn. Our industry changes every day and so must our approach.  If you haven’t read a book in the last 2 months, this isn’t for you.
  • Be well versed in pop culture and trends
  • Live in Los Angeles (preferred).
  • Know how to work independently and structure your time effectively, but also enjoy working with a team to get things done.
  • Be an expert prioritizer and skilled project manager.
  • Love snacks and online shopping
  • Be efficient: You are always looking for ways to be more efficient. That doesn’t mean you cut corners. You recognize that the 80/20 principle rules our lives and you embrace it and exploit it.
  • Be organized: Your computer desktop isn’t covered with random files.
  • You meet deadlines without excuses.
  • You stay on top of delegated tasks and requests and follow up with clients or other’s on the team when you need something
  • Be Proactive: You don’t wait around for clients to recommend ideas or campaigns. You actively evaluate what they need and let them know.
  • Be detailed:  You aren’t afraid of details.


This is a salaried position with pay depending on experience. 


  • Health & Dental
  • Paid holidays off
  • 401k & company contribution
  • 10 days vacation per year
  • Sick? Stay home. If you’re able to handle a few things from the comforts of your bed, go for it. Otherwise, rest up.
  • Mac laptop, laptop stand, keyboard, mouse, and monitor
  • Want a marketing/business/advertising book? Let us know, and we’ll buy it for you. Just write a short summary and key takeaways after you’ve read it so the rest of the team can benefit.

Sound good? Go here to apply now!