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Company: Lightboard

Homepage Tagline: “Meet your new always available, always awesome designer.”

Their specialty? On-demand design service.

Platform for the ad below? Facebook


The Good

The copy here is trying to:

A.) catch the attention of the desired target

B.) speak to their pain.

That’s an approach we always like to see.

As powerful and conversational as the copy is I don’t think wrangling is the best word choice.

I never feel like I have to wrangle freelancers. It’s that I have a new project, and I don’t want to spend the time to track down the right person, see if they’re available, pass over the details, wait for them to accept, sign a contract, etc.

Potential replacements for wrangling: “the back and forth with finding” “the waiting game with” “playing cat-and-mouse with.”

Benefits I see highlighted: It’s easy to submit your gig. Your project will get done faster.  They don’t claim to have the best graphic design ever. It’s the most convenient. It’s like how Domino’s famous tagline says nothing about good pizza. Just hot and delivered fast.

The Could Be Better

The biggest weakness in the ad is the image. The big smile is great. Squinty eyes, not so much. The text is their brand name, which is a misuse of very valuable real estate.

Rule of thumb when using a text overlay: Convey a benefit, include a CTA or if you’ve got ninja design and copy skills, do BOTH! Anything but your brand name, that’s most likely unfamiliar to a new customer and will do nothing to improve your conversion.

Easiest win —> Change the text in the image

Even better win —> Revamp the whole image.

Show an example of their design.  Include a graphic summarizing their process and contrasting with the status quo process. Let me visualize how it’s going to work and absorb your whole purpose in 2 seconds.

Finally, there’s no offer, and nothing helps motivate a new customer like an offer. Examples of potential offers they could try:

“Get your no-risk proposal”

“Get your first job 50% off”

“Submit your first job by Friday and get a gig free”

“Submit your job today, if you don’t love it, you don’t pay”  

Say anything (that’s relevant and deliverable) to get me to act now.