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Instagram Story Ad Epidemic





In this video, we cover the huge mistake most brands are making on Instagram Story ads and how to design creatives for this placement that convert.

Stories are quickly set to take over your Social Feeds as the most used format on social media.

You’ve got Instagram Stories, Snapchat, WhatsApp Stories, Facebook Stories…

You get the picture.

Considering consumer attention is shifting towards Stories, and Facebook hits peak ad-load in the newsfeed, advertising on Instagram Stories is the next big opportunity for brands.

Unfortunately, most brands are absolutely blowing it when it comes to launching effective and impactful ads on this new platform.

And most of them don’t even realize it! Let me explain.

You’ve probably noticed these HORRIBLE looking ads while swiping through your Stories. All of a sudden, it seems like 90%+ of Story ads look very out of place.

The reason?  Facebook recently made it a lot easier to advertise on Stories, but the result is that the ads look, well, like ads!

So today we’re going to talk about why you can’t be lazy when it comes to Instagram Stories, and the importance of creating customized content for your Story ads.


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