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How to Advertise Skincare and Beauty

We’ve worked with several skincare & beauty brands and helped them grow their revenue, team and customer base. Over that time, we’ve identified a few common essentials to successful campaigns. In this video, we’ll walk through those so that you can increase the profitability of your advertising.

1.) Keep it authentic: More native content can be really powerful. Brands can be hesitant to go this direction because they want everything to be super on brand on cohesive. But we’ve seen more authentic visuals outperform really polished flat-lays and videos

2.) Promote your press:Press is obviously great for getting your name out there but can also have a huge impact on your ad campaigns, if you know how to promote it correctly.

3.) Leverage influencer content: They don’t even need a large following. Look for people who’ve tagged you or used your hashtag – reach out and ask for permission to use the assets

4.) Focus! Most beauty/skincare brands have quite a few products. So the dilemma becomes what do we actually promote. Everything? We recommend sticking with your top 1-5 products.

5.) Customer generated content: Photos and videos from customers can be huge! Just a handful of customer video testimonials can completely transform your campaigns.


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