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Digital Marketer #Adcheck – Social Ad Breakdown

We’re back with another Adcheck. It’s an ongoing series where we present the good and the bad of a Twitter ad and then analyze how to make it better. You can see some of our past Adchecks here, but let’s get to Digital Marketer.

Company: Digital Marketer

Homepage Tagline: “Traffic. Conversion. Engagement. Which do you want to boost today?”

Their specialty? Content platform that provides resources and strategies for digital marketers

What kind of ad? Facebook Ad


The Good:

This ad does a great job of communicating the problem. It does it in the copy and very clearly in the image. People get a lot of emails, so you need to stand out to get your message opened.

The image is simple, clear, bright and has a clean design.

The headline is a home run too! Contrarian statements like this usually perform well because they really pique our interest. It seems counterintuitive that fewer emails would generate more sales, so we are tempted to see how.

They’re on a roll.

The Could Be Better:

Two very minor tweaks could take this ad from excellent to off-the-charts.

The only thing we might change in the image would be adding dates like 2013, 2014, 2015, etc. to show visually how people are getting way more email each year.

And the only addition to the copy would be making sure to activate one of the Facebook CTA buttons, preferably the “learn more” or “download now,” pending on whether this is a free report or just a blog post.

For the most part, new customers are predictably passive, being as direct as you can always is better than leaving them to their own device, which is usually not to take action.