The Biddyco Creative Department has one goal, to help our clients stand out in a very crowded sea, and it will be your job to make that happen! As a Designer at Biddyco, you will be responsible for bringing our clients’ products to life. Working closely (but not too close, don’t worry we’re anti micro-managers) with our Creative Director & Art Director, you will create a library of Images, GIFS and Videos for advertising on Facebook, Instagram and more.

50% of the time we’re working with pre-made assets and 50% of the time we are creating everything from scratch. If you’re looking for a hyper-creative environment, with very little red tape and restrictions, this is it. Things move fast in the world of social and you have to be willing to commit to a 90% done is good enough attitude. We’re looking for someone who appreciates details but isn’t limited by perfectionist habits.

We hit deadlines and follow brand guidelines (if provided), but otherwise, everything else is free game. It’s the golden ticket opportunity for anyone who craves creative freedom, prefers the unconventional option, gets bored easily and loves social media. Did we mention that on any given day you’ll be working with multiple different (fun, up & coming e-commerce) brands? If you crave routine, stop reading now.

We produce more content in a month than many big brands create in an entire year.  With that said, we have strict work/life boundaries and don’t believe in working through the night, working on weekends or overworking anybody. We’re efficient like WOAH and if that excites you we can’t wait to see your work!

What we expect from you:

  • Be able to work with multiple clients. If your dream is to work with a single client for an entire year, you’re gonna hate it here.
  • Ability to turn around simple updates quickly. Tweaks, variation, and flexibility are vital in our industry.
  • Be able to take direction from our Creative Director and make it your own.
  • Ability to work with our contract designer on big projects.
  • A desire to go above and beyond, challenge traditional design conventions, find new ways to do things, take design risks and push the envelope.
  • To be focused on creating designs that will convert the best, not just look the best (but we always find a way to do both)
  • The belief that ‘creative blocks’ are B.S.  Even when we aren’t inspired it’s our job to come back to the table and find a way.
  • To not take design so seriously that you struggle to find the fun in it. Our clients are fun, the content we get to create is fun, so you’ve got to be lighthearted about your work.
  • To have thick skin. Revisions are our middle name.
  • Feel a commitment to honoring deadlines. We do not take deadlines lightly and neither should you.


Tools to be familiar with:

  • Fierce Photoshop skills
  • Familiarity with After Effects or the desire to learn
  • Familiarity with video editing software (Premiere Pro, iMovie, etc.)
  • A professional camera
  • iPhone and Mac
  • Design for advertising


You Must:

  • Have 2+ years of design experience, working at an e-commerce or media brand OR working at an agency
  • Understand major social platforms and be familiar with digital ad platforms.
  • Have a genuine desire to learn and evolve. Our industry changes every day and so must our approach. You must constantly be seeking out people and brands that are creating cool work.
  • Be well versed in pop culture and design trends.
  • Be on Facebook & Instagram. We envy that off-the-grid lifestyle, but there’s no way to stay competitive in this field without being where the action is.
  • Live in Los Angeles.
  • Know how to work independently and structure your time effectively, but also enjoy working with a team to get things done.
  • Love snacks.
  • Meet deadlines without excuses.


  • This is a salaried position with pay depending on experience. There are also ample opportunities for bonuses depending on your performance and the performance of our clients.


  • Health & Dental & Vision
  • One Medical Membership option
  • Paid holidays off
  • 401k & company contribution
  • WeWork Culver City Hot Desk Membership
  • Weekly team lunch
  • Work from home 3 days a week, 2 days in office
  • 10 days vacation per year
  • Sick? Stay home. If you’re able to handle a few things from the comforts of your bed, go for it. Otherwise, rest up.
  • Extended flex work from home around the holidays.
  • Skillshare membership
  • Mac laptop, laptop stand, keyboard, mouse, and monitor

Sound good? Go here to apply now!