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Happy Metric Monday!

Here are the aggregated week-over-week numbers from the 80+ Facebook ad accounts that we have access to (we don’t manage all of them):

Sept 5 – Sept 11 vs Aug 29 – Sept 4
Ad Spend: ↑5.13%
ROAS: ↓7.83%
Cost Per Purchase: ↑10.04%
CPMs ↑0.01%
CPCs: ↑4.83%
Conversion Rate: ↓4.73%

ASMRy videos have high hook rates and are just so enjoyable to watch. They’re best for TikTok since almost every viewer is watching with sound on vs. FB/IG – but they can do well on both.

The sound is on point but so is the way we use motion and cuts. We could’ve opened with the box just sitting there, but by slidingggg into frame, it’s much more engaging.

We then show the knife slicing the tape and start pulling the boxes out of the packaging – and we’re only 3 seconds in.

This one is a 10/10, definitely worth watching a few times.

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Ben Philabaum
CEO, Biddyco