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They Said What!?

“Biddyco helped generate our biggest ever sales period, they’ve contributed to accelerated growth during a season we didn’t expect to accelerate and they’ve consistently generated a 3x ROAS. It’s been very, very successful!”

George Sylvain

VP, Marketing, Fellow

“I wanted to work with a small agency where they would pay as much attention to our account as we do to our product, and was happy to find that with Biddyco. From the founders to our account manager, they were accessible, clear, and dedicated to our growth in a smart, efficient way, more than doubling our ROAS! I would recommend Biddyco to any growing team that’s in need of an agency that feels like an extension of the team.”

Karen Young

Founder, OUI the People

“We are beyond happy we decided to go with Biddyco! Our online retail sales have increased about 300% since starting. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Biddyco to anyone looking for advertising and paid traffic management.”

Alyssa Brown

VP, Marketing, TELETIES

“Before Biddyco, I’d done a bit myself and had a basic understanding of Facebook ads. But over that time, it become so much more complex and I was daunted with trying to choose the right team to work with. Biddyco has helped us increase our monthly revenue 3-4x, which is really crazy! It’s reassuring knowing there’s a team of experts who are keeping on top of changes and not having to worry about that kind of thing anymore. Now I can focus on my core role and making our products the best they can be. I recommend Biddyco, it’s a no brainer.”

Andrew Fairclough

Founder, True Grit Texture Supply

“With Biddyco, we feel like we’ve found a true partner who has our best interest in mind and we love how high-touch our relationship has been. We also love that they have a creative team, who can not only create awesome content but also provide fresh ideas for our business overall. We would definitely recommend Biddyco. Revenue has increased 4x since starting work together! It’s like having another member on the team who you trust both strategically and with the in-the-weeds execution of your campaigns.”

Simon Zhang

Co-Founder, Holden

“The results we’ve had with Biddyco, and continue to have, are pretty amazing. We’ve 5x’d revenue, have a great ROI and they’ve achieved this without negatively affecting our AOV. The results speak for themselves. We love that their team has a great combination of analytics and system for testing, but also have the creative side as well.”

Lillian Tung


“We found that the team puts in so much effort into the creative, copy and strategy. Instead of extending our team by 4-5 people, Biddyco can cover it all. They are very communicative which is always helpful but obviously, ROI is the most important. Starting out, we were still learning a lot. They helped us realize what was working and what wasn’t, and put a plan in place to keep improving. After a slow start, they tripled our monthly revenue within 3 months of working with them!”

Bunny Ghatrora

Co-Founder, Blume

“Biddyco nailed our voice and our look and feel right out of the gate. It’s been nice to have an agency be so involved in making the creative for us. It’s been great having someone who’s an expert in this field to tell us what we need to be doing. I would absolutely recommend them!”

Emily Ley

Founder, Simplified

“We tried and failed with 3 other agencies before finding success with Biddyco.”

Matt Richardson

Co-Founder, CAUSEBOX

“Since handing the keys over to Biddyco just a few months ago, they’ve 5x’d our monthly revenue while increasing our profitability.”

Tom Sailors

Founder, Mermaid Pillow Co.

“Profitable advertising is very binary. It either works, or it doesn’t. And Biddyco made the numbers work for us. Recommended!”

Marshall Haas

CEO , Peel

“As a founder, it can be a bit scary to invest real money in advertising and hiring an agency. But we continue to raise our ad spend with Biddyco for one reason, it works!”

Joe Fischer

CEO , Greetabl

We had worked with agencies before, and had poor results. The ads were often off target. They didn’t provide a process to allow us to see what they were publishing, and we felt like they were putting an image out in the market that didn’t match us. We wanted some level of visibility into the process, even if we didn’t have the team to manage the details of the campaigns.

On the first go around, the ads weren’t a perfect match for what we had in mind, but Biddyco provided an easy way to see the creative before it went live, and understood and incorporated our feedback immediately. It was a much different — much better — experience than we had elsewhere.

We got results, and we felt that we could trust their team.

The communication was good. We weren’t looking for a high level of involvement, but Biddyco was responsive when we had questions, and was happy to offer up ideas and suggest ways we could increase traffic when that aligned with our marketing goals.

We were new to Facebook advertising, and didn’t know if it would be a good fit. I can only speak to our situation, but if you’re new to Facebook advertising or haven’t gotten the results you wanted by running your own campaigns, it’s worth the investment to have Biddyco whip things into shape, and give you their honest feedback on whether Facebook advertising can work for you. It was well worth it for us.

Donny Wyatt

CEO , Co-construct

Biddyco helped us create transparency in our digital advertising and identify what was working and what was not. We were happy to hand over our social advertising and AdWords campaigns to them. They outperformed our internal efforts and past agencies we’ve used

Michelle L’Huillier

Founder, Tom & Teddy

As a small team, we were looking to ramp up paid acquisition but we didn’t have much bandwidth or the skill set internally. Working with Biddyco was great because they were flexible, fast and able to iterate quickly on our campaigns. They’re great to work with and they met our KPIs. 10/10 would recommend!

Elan Miller

Founder, Idea Monster