This is Us

Who are we?

We don’t design and launch beautiful, badass digital experiences that inspire love in a mobile-first world. In fact, we’ll spare you the grandiose intro, packed with warm fuzzy clichés.

Because nothing that we do is really about us, it’s about you, your brand and delivering a massive ROI (our specialty.)

Here’s what matters 👉 we spend 24/7 selling products on the Internet, and we’re damn good at it. Our results are SO major that we’ll let them toot the horn for us. Toot toot!

Small by design, our thoughtfully assembled team is the living, breathing equivalent of “quality over quantity.”

And just so you know we’re not robots, meet the team below.

But back to you.


  • Swore off social advertising after a failed attempt
  • Can’t find the time in between your already full-time job and having a life
  • Are concerned that Facebook is going to eat up all your marketing money without showing you concrete results
  • Have had some success on your own, but need a team of experts to take you to the next level
  • Don’t even know where to begin, but know that you need to

Any of those sound familiar? Rest assured, we’ve got you.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, looking for a new direction or need someone to pick up where you left off, Biddyco is here to help.

Social advertising (really) works, especially when you have experts at the wheel. So, if you’re ready to grow your bottom line, we’re ready to help you do it.

But before we go any further, we need you to answer one simple question.

Do you own or work for an E-Commerce company?

If the answer is YES pop us an email to see how we can make social advertising work for you.

If you answered no, although your business is probably doing big things, we just aren’t the agency for you 🙁