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Interview: How an eCommerce Brand Scaled to $7 Million in the First Year

Last year, we took a recently launched eCommerce brand and helped them scale to over $7 million in revenue. 80% of which can be directly attributed to our campaigns.

So many other stores struggle for years to get to the low millions. How does a new site scale to high 7-figures so quickly?

This is a great example on being patient and the power of Facebook advertising to radically transform your business, very quickly when things start to take hold.

But the truth is, this wasn’t an overnight success. It took months of work, tweaking and testing to get things just right. But when we did, oh boy did we.

We took their campaigns from spending about $10,000/month at the start of the year, to spending over $500,000/month by the end of 2017.

We wanted to learn more about their experience so we called them up to learn more.

These numbers are real but we’ve anonymized their name and business to protect their privacy.

(2017 ad campaign results)

An Interview with a High 7-Figure Store Owner


How did you start to get sales?

“I started running Facebook ads myself. Over the holidays in 2016 things did very well.


But I quickly ran short on time, short on ideas and wasn’t able to scale my campaigns.


Even if I was a Facebook master (which I’m not), I just didn’t have the time to manage our campaigns. So it made sense to outsource this to Biddyco.”

What did you find as a result of working with us?

“In January, we were averaging about $3,000/day. Within a month, Biddyco had scaled us to about $6,000/day.


The past few weeks, we’ve been up in the $100,000+/day revenue range which has been insane.


And this has all been profitable growth. Since handing the keys over just a few months ago, they’ve 10x’d our monthly revenue while increasing our profitability.”

It sounds too easy. Any hiccups along the way?

“We had a slow down in the campaigns a few months ago and I made the tough decision to bring the campaigns back in-house. I quickly realized that was a big mistake and brought Biddyco back on board.


I’m glad we hung in there because they have us now profitably spending 4 to 5 figures per day.


Sometimes it takes patience and hanging in there for a few months while they dial things in.


That can be painful, but boy is it worth it.


Another hiccup was that the campaigns worked too well actually. We ran very low on inventory in December and had to pull back our spend from a peak of $30,000/day. It was unfortunate to have to do so, but it is tough to forecast a huge ramp up like that and get inventory on hand quickly enough.”

Besides the results, what do you like most about working with us?

“What I like most about working with Biddyco is that you can tell they truly care about you and your business.


You aren’t client #47 on their roster.


You’re one of a just a few that they closely work with.


They told me they go to sleep and wake up thinking about our campaigns, and for their sakes I hope that’s not true, but I can tell from their dedication that it probably is. I couldn’t be more pleased with the communication, the process and most of all the results.”

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